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Tissue donation

Organs: lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas; Tissues: Eye tissue, skin, heart valves, bone, tendons, veins, ligaments.Many people need tissue grafts because of various diseases and health issues. Tissue grafts can considerably improve their state of health.

Bone, skin, heart valves, tendons, and corneas are the main types of tissues used for grafts. A single donor can provide tissues to 20 other people.

Héma-Québec Ce lien ouvrira une nouvelle fenêtre. is responsible for recovering, processing, and distributing human tissue as well as for managing a tissue bank for Québec.

Go to the Providing consent section to find out how to become a tissue or organ donor.

Did you know that...

Anyone can donate organs or tissue to be recovered upon their death. A medical assessment will be made to determine the individual's eligibility as well as which organs and tissues can be recovered.

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